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The Vasburg Armory


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World versus World
Roaming the Borderlands, capturing objectives and claiming keeps.
Oh no, how uncool. But part of you loves it, admit it. All that fancy gear you can show off in WvW and all those titles that take (literally) thousands of hours to grind. Yes, we do it.
Structured PvP
A lot of fun. But currently (=Beta) too disconnected from the rest of the game. Our stance on this might change as the game evolves and additional modes are implemented.
We're really sorry. We even tried, once, with a member who was fond of roleplaying a ratman. But... no... just... no.
The best part of playing online games. But only if it's not right on our doorstep.
The Vasburg Armory or more specifically its former incarnations has always revolved around the concept of a family guild (or guild family). Guild Wars 2 with its anti-grind philosophy more than ever enables and encourages us to put the personality of our members over their gaming achievements. Not that we could impose any such tangible requirements before GW 2 is even launched, but still.

To ensure maximum compatibility we prefer members who take the game seriously but not too seriously; laid-back individuals in the midst of life who want to share their favorite hobby with like-minded people. Self-sufficiency, sociability, and the willingness to achieve ingame goals that can only be achieved as a team are the traits we seek and advocate.

The profile of an ideal candidate would read as follows:
  • Mature and sociable personality in the midst of life
  • Solid MMO background
  • Plans to stick with GW2 and our guild for a looong time
  • Self-sufficiency and the ability to extract basic and advanced knowledge from a wiki and other guides on your own
(We explicitly mention no age restrictions, since that does not per se remedy any problems due to lack of maturity while at the same time history has shown that fake-IDs are even easier to come by in the internet. We do hope, however, that by now it has become apparent that this whole endeavour is no kids club.)

As far as our focus as a guild is concerned, World vs World (or WvWvW) certainly marks the center of our attention. Structured PvP would qualify for that as well, but right now (first Beta Weekend) it is just a minigame totally disconnected from the rest of the game; you can not use any rewards or equipment from other modes in structured PvP and you can not use any rewards or Glory points won in structured PvP in the rest of the game. The way it is, structured PvP might as well be sold as a seperate game. Also, there is currently a severe lack of game modes to complain. But as more modes (such as Guild vs Guild or a counterpart to GW's Heroes' Ascent) are being implemented, structured PvP might become a lot more interesting for us.

Also we do not deny our love for PvE in Guild Wars which remarkably for a game originally centered around PvP did indeed offer motivation for hundreds and thousands of hours to get the fanciest gear and to max out your titles. We exepct nothing less of Guild Wars 2.

However, keep in mind that we are just at the very beginning of both, Guild Wars 2 and the Vasburg Armory. Content, mechanics and even our personal progress will be subject to drastic changes (probably even until next BWE), and with it our focus will shift.

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